Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Limited Update #2

As I am sure you all have seen by now the planned release of the new firmware is confirmed in the works as I hinted at in an earlier post and which was reported on DPReview last week.  This is of course good news for us all as we await the next update which will "fix" many (not all) of the common firmware addressable issues.  I am excited to see this come to the market as many of you are as well.  The effort to make the X100 the best camera it can be is a serious job Fujifilm is working diligently on. 
The accessories continue to lag behind but we have shipped some in very limited quantities.

Previous post on the firmware bugs and quirks:

DPReview Statement from their site - Fujifilm is to update the firmware of its X100 large-sensor compact camera to address some of the criticisms raised in our review. The statement from Fujifilm Japan says: 'Fujifilm is planning to release a new version of firmware in the near future. The new firmware will include and respond to some of functionality posted by dpreview.' We will, of course, revisit our review in the light of these changes, when the update becomes available.

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1 comment:

  1. What I miss:
    -ISO 6400 in the Auto-ISO menue.
    - Faster shutter speeds in the Auto-ISO menue (it ends with 1/125, why?)
    - Arriving the Auto-ISO menue with the fn-button
    - ISO and Auto-ISO menue within one menue (as in my D300)

    I hope, that Fuji reads this forum.

    Best regards


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