Friday, June 24, 2011

Fujifilm X100 gets firmware update, 22 tweaks make the best even better

This is the kind of post I can dig.  Simple and to the point.  There are tons of reviews of the camera I am sure you have seen them.

The retro X100 brought out all our kleptomaniacal tendencies when we first went hands-on, and it has since impressed virtually every other lucky soul who's come into contact with its build quality and groundbreaking integration of a big APS-C sensor within a compact body. But, just as you often find in extremely beautiful humans, the camera's brains were slightly haywire: in particular, it tended to forget or confusingly alter crucial ISO, dynamic range, macro and drive settings when shifting between shooting modes. Fortunately though, many of these niggles can now be nuked by downloading firmware update v1.10 at the source link. The update promises a total of 22 fixes and modifications, which are listed in full in the PR after the break. Of course, some annoying issues will remain outstanding with this $1,200 shooter, including slow focus-by-wire MF and strangely buried menu settings. We don't know if they'll ever be fixed, but the next time we get hold of one it'll still be a morality-pounding wrench to give it back. 

Fujifilm USA Firmware 1.10 Download


  1. Brandon,

    A good majority of us are just wanting to know if there is even any intention to fix the manual focusing ability and if it can be improved with firmware? You hinted that some things cannot be fixed with firmware. Is manual focusing one of them?

  2. You dont reply to these ever do you?


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