Monday, June 20, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Firmware Update 1.10

This is the web and thus not a static place by any measure - I can sense an almost palpable excitement about the firmware release.   This has been in the works for some time as we all know.  When the new version hits at the end of the week I think the comments will flow and the reviewers will have to take another look at some of the "bugs and quirks".
It is important to realize that firmware cannot "fix" every item that folks are mentioning in the forums.  This also isn't the last update since it is an evolving enterprise to improve on the handling of the X100.

The number guessing of what version it will be is interesting to watch - but what matters is that significant progress is being made to respond to your desires.  That really is the goal - to make the X100 the best it can be with the firmware changes where possible.  I expect over 20 changes to be incorporated into the update release.
Tonight I was out shooting with the new firmware.  The improvements are a step in the right direction towards responding to the feedback of you the customer.  Not every "bug" can be fixed as I would hope people understand.  The X100 is a unique and wonderful camera.  It has gotten a bit more enjoyable to use with the latest firmware version.  I know some changes are seen as silly to some - but that's why there's more than one flavor of ice cream at the supermarket. 
1. The following functions can be rocked during shooting by holding down [MENU / OK] button over 3 sec.
DRIVE / Flash / White balance / Macro (set on the Command Dial - 4 direction key)

2. "CORRECTED AF FRAME" menu is added in "SET-UP" menu (the last line on menu page 6) to display additional AF frame (corrected AF frame for reducing parallax) which can be effectively used for macro shots. (Factory default value is set to "OFF")

3. Adjustment in1/3 step increment for shutter speed or aperture setting is enabled in Shutter-Priority AE and Aperture-Priority AE mode, on top of those in Manual Exposure mode.
Shutter-Priority AE : Adjustment is controlled by rotating the command dial
Aperture-Priority AE : Adjustment is controlled by moving left / right on the command control lever

4. In the post-view mode (display after shooting), focused area is magnified in the LCD (EVF) display when the command control lever is pressed.
Cf. "IMAGE DISP." Setting must be set to "CONTINUOUS",

5. Setting of the role for "Fn" button is enabled by holding down "Fn" button over 3 sec.

6. Actual ISO sensitivity for shooting is displayed just after pressing shutter button halfway, when "ISO AUTO CONTROLL" is set to ON.

7. When "eye sensor" is activated by pressing "VIEW MODE" button, "EYE SENSOR" is displayed on EVF / OVF or LCD just a while to notice the status.

8. Macro mode ISO sensitivity, Drive mode, Dynamic range, Self-timer mode, flash mode is maintained even if shutter speed setting or aperture setting is changed. Also, even after changing viewing mode into shooting mode or turning of the camera, these values are maintained.

9. The size of focus frame set through viewing EVF / LCD is maintained even after changing display mode between OVF and EVF (LCD).

10. When "SHUTTER SOUND" is chosen, each shutter sound is performed in each menu setting.

11. In viewing mode, the last viewed shot is maintained as even after changing into shooting mode.
Cf. After another image is shot after viewing former image, memory of viewing the image is cancelled and the last shot is displayed as the latest image.

12. When the aspect ration of the image size is set to 16:9, the line of bright frame line on OVF is displayed with aspect ratio 16:9.

13. Viewing mode with Photo Information on EVF / LCD is maintained even if another image is shot. On top of this issue, deleting picture directly is enabled even in viewing with Photo information by pressing the command dial up, or MENU operation is also enabled.

14. Occasionally, preview image on EVF / LCD after pressing the shutter halfway might be darker than live view, according to aperture setting or brightness of shooting target. This phenomenon is improved.

15. When "DISP. CUSTOM SETTING" is set to OVF or EVF / LCD, the setting value is maintained even after customizing the menu.

16. Even for only RAW data recording mode, "RED EYE REMOVAL" setting is selectable among ON or OFF.

17. In MF (manual focus) setting with OVF mode, OVF viewing is activated after pressing shutter half way, even if "FOCUS CHECK" (magnifying center of the image) is displayed in EVF by pressing the center of the command control lever.

18. Displaying period after pressing each command dial (Macro / Flash) is prolonged from 1.5 sec into 2.0 sec for confirming correctly.

20. For resuming from AUTO POWER OFF setting, the shutter release button was required to hold down halfway for a few second. For quicker operation, resuming is activated by just pressing the button.

21. Image quality captured by Velvia / ASTIA mode is improved on mainly shadow tone (dark area), when dynamic range is set to 200% or 400%.

22. When "OVF POWER SAVE MODE" is set to ON and "Fn" button is set to "MOVIE RECORDING", the camera may be unstable occasionally. This phenomenon is improved.

23. Histogram display on OVF during exposure compensation is improved.

Firmware update from global site
ISO 800 1/2sec @ F/4.0


  1. This is all very nice, but the X100 has some really bad habits which Fuji are aware of and need to be addressed before we get new features that don't real do much. :)

  2. Anonymous8:51 PM

    My camera froze up today for no reason. Suddenly the message, "Turn off the camera and turn on again" appeared. No matter how many times I did that or took the battery out or cursed it would not function. I finally got it to wake up by deleting everything on the media card on my computer. What is going to happen if there is no computer near by? Very bad bug!!!!

  3. Sir, I have a basic questions, perhaps you can help me: when using manual focus, do you see the subject come into focus in the viewfinder? This is how it happens in a normal 35mm camera, but I wonder if that is the way you see it in the X100, both in EV and the OV. Thanks in advance

  4. Do you think another update is coming?


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