Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekly Email 10-21-11 - Soccer Fun

It's always fun to shoot new events.  This week I went to my nephew's soccer game to try my hand at the action there.  Most of us have seen what the beginner teams do out on the pitch - they are scrambling every which way and in one of the shots I caught the competitive nature of five year olds going at it for the ball!  In another shot Simon has a good header at mid-field.
One of the big differences between a DSLR and a fancy point n shoot is the ability to follow focus and capture the moment when you press the shutter.  Many people complain that they miss the action and it's the delay that frustrates us in so many shots.  Many of the cameras do now offer a burst setting where you can fire at something around 5 or more frames per second to capture the action.  If you have a fancy point n shoot look for that setting on the camera and try it out - then be prepared to edit and delete - but you may just capture a great shot!

 All action images shot with a Canon 5DII & 70-200 2.8L  Approx ISO 400 at 1/1000th @ F/2.8

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