Friday, October 07, 2011

Weekly Email - 10-7-11 Sunset Pano

This week when the clouds let up I headed over to Brooklyn to work on a multi-shot panorama of NYC.

An image like this can be done with almost any camera, but it does help to set some parts of the camera manually.

For this image I set the white balance on manual for 5300K, set the camera focus to approximately infinity and of course used a tripod and made sure I was level for the sweep.

The photo is six images stitched together to form the wide angle view.  The key is to make sure you have enough overlap on the images so the stitching works and you get smooth transitions in each panel.  In this photo you can make out the twin cranes on the Freedom Tower as well as the Empire State Building.

Have a great weekend!

Fujifilm X100 - ISO 200 - 3 seconds @ F/5.6 (Pano files)

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