Friday, October 28, 2011

Weekly Email - 10-28-11 Frozen Street Moment

As I reviewed the images from the week I kept coming back to this one.
As I looked around the scene I saw so many activities and possible thoughts from a busy NYC street that I thought I'd share it.

One item that really catches my eye is the dog and baby sorta staring at each other among the chaos since they are eye level.
There's a guy sitting on a phone booth.
A guy reading emails.
A woman carrying a portfolio.
A guy on a bike.
A sorta homeless guy with the backpack.

Does the image speak to you differently in color over black and white?

Fujifilm X10 at ISO 200 1/400 @ F/2.8


  1. For me, your black and white version has the much greater impact. I was immediately drawn right in to that dog's face and the look that is passing between him and the little girl in the stroller. The light and shadow interplay shows up much more in black and white, as well, at least in comparing between these three.

    I love color, but sometimes black and white gets rid of all the extraneous details and allows us to see the essentials. In this photograph I think the colors detract. Anyhow, that's my take, Brandon. Your intent shows very clearly in your black and white version and hits home beautifully.

    Are you using the pre production X10 or have you moved on to the version that is on sale now? I know the camera is out in the UK...and should be here in the USA soon.

  2. The black and white definitely works better on this picture. The color distracts ones eye too much of what is going on.
    There is so much life packed in this picture. It just shows what modern city life is all about.

    Greetings from Germany


  3. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I think the black and white breaks things down to their essence and makes me find all of the elements that you mention. So much going on but it never overwhelms. Reminds me of those Richard Scarry books that we all read as kids with those big illustrations where all of the characters doing different activities on the same page. Organized chaos. Dig the images! Love the light and shadows on the sidewalk in the black and white version.

    Michael D'Avignon
    Rottenchester, NY


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