Friday, December 07, 2012

Fujifilm X-E1 Leather Half Case & XF14mm Lens

Now that the X-E1 is getting out into the market I am excited to get a hold of some of the accessories which improve the look and feel of the camera.  The leather half case for the X-E1 is beautiful.  I'm a big fan of the look and style.  The flip hatch for the battery and SD card is a great perk.  The case set also comes with a black protective wrap as seen below.  In stores in about two weeks.

I think you'll dig it as well.

Another great accessory is the remote RR-80.  This basic remote works like a cable release in the USB port if you prefer to use this instead of a traditional threaded cable with the X-E1.

 The new XF14mm lens will be a winner when it hits the market next year.  I am so excited to use this lens!!  I don't have exact arrival times but hope to see it land in the USA in late January.  Having seen an early pre-production unit it is easy to see how this will be a wonderful lens.  There is very little distortion evident for a wide angle.  I didn't see much of any bending for an effective 21mm lens.  Very clean lines although this is a very early unit and by no means final production.
The 14mm on the OVF is worked out by showing 4 yellow arrows in the outer corners of the digital overlay.  The image area extends to the outer edge of the full optical frame.  So you are not seeing the actual framed outline - but the image area is the full optical view - APPROXIMATELY. It's a great lens and when more people handle it I am sure it will prove to be a hot one.

As for the half case for the X100 comment - I don't think it's out of the question to see a half case for the X100 one day.  Clearly we continue to bring out new accessories for the X-Series cameras.

The handling and construction feels great.  The lens has a nice look and focus is fast and silent like the XF18-55.  The neat but not quite conventional feature is the snap back focus ring which engages the manual focus when desired.  I remember this on a Tamron lens I had about 10 years ago if my memory serves me correctly.  The lens will still of course work with the AF-L button even when MF is engaged, like other lenses in our X-series.   These images are quick snapshots and are by no means here for any sort of judgement beyond focal length angle of view on the X-E1 or X-Pro1.

I am an employee of FUJIFILM North America Corporation.
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  1. Hi Brandon,
    the Fujinon 14mm looks really nice! Do you have any idea, if or how the 14mm lens can be used with the OVF of the X-Pro1? Didn't find any information on this anywhere.
    Thanks and kind regards,

  2. X100 owner7:49 AM

    Nice case design. X100 owners get screwed over by Fujifilm, again.

  3. Hi there, I just ordered my X-E1. I was wondering if the button on top of the firing button is an accessory. Can you send me the link where you found it?

  4. Hi! Where did you get the nice accessory for the firing button?

  5. Anonymous4:16 AM

    I just wish that the half case came in black as well.


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