Friday, December 21, 2012

Weekly Email - 12-21-12 - NYC Skyline

This week after some work out on Long Island I thought I would head towards the Brooklyn Bridge for a shot of the city skyline.
I knew the shot I wanted and as I drove through rain on the LIE towards the city I saw the sun begin to peek through the clouds and make some nice formations.
Of course traffic wasn't cooperating and as I saw it all going away I shot the first image while driving on the BQE out the sunroof at 4:23pm.  I knew sunset was at 4:30p and then I would have about 20 mins before the twilight glow faded.
Unfortunately I couldn't make it when I wanted so I did my best at 5:18pm with a long skyline exposure of five seconds with multiple images combined as a panoramic image.

Have a great holiday!

Fujifilm X-E1 with XF14mm  ISO 200 - F/8 @ 5 seconds

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