Friday, December 28, 2012

Weekly Email - 12-28-12 - Annual Physical

Above: Christmas day evening from Jersey City to NYC.

As we all know from our health care providers an annual physical is a good idea!  I hope you got yours and stay active!  January is the busiest time for new gym memberships.  I'm going to try to up the routine a bit and not get stuck in the lazy rut.

I finally went in for my check up last week.  So of course I couldn't resist the opportunity to photograph the battery of tests they do on me.

So there is a squeamish alert here.  If you do not like blood or needles do not look at the photos below.  It's not gory - just me in process.

On a brighter note there was an interesting guy who buries himself in pigeons and just loves it.  I captured a bunch of shots of him and his new pets.

Have a happy and healthy holiday celebration, and on to 2013!!

Needle - Fujifilm XF1 - ISO 500 F/1.8 @ 1/160th
Pigeons - Fujifilm XE-1 with XF14mm and XF18-55mm ISO 200-320 F/4 @ 1/500th approx


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