Monday, January 14, 2013

CES 2013 - Vegas for 5 Days

CES is an experience like none other.  There are over a million square feet of display area and an estimated 150,000 people descending on Las Vegas.
Getting to Vegas is of course quite simple and being there is a workout.  For us folks from the east coast (and beyond) the first few days are tough since you arrive late and then eat dinner around 8pm - finish around 10pm which is really like 1am, so you start to feel the drag.  Then when you get to sleep around 11p you think you are dead tired - but your body wakes you up around 3:30-4am since that's the normal time back home.  The cycle repeats, getting later and later and mix in the partying and 15 hours on your feet.  Great time had by all!  But wait - I'm not here to complain - just share some images from the week.  So let's get to it!  Vegas baby - a wild town which never disappoints.


The view from my room looking West towards the Wynn and Encore.

The first day I headed over to the Mandalay Bay for a CES press conference and saw Kayce on the escalator.

The big event was the X100s and X20 announcements.

Journalists from all over the USA and beyond gather and the CES press conference.
The new X20 is a hit !
Folks are eagerly shooting images for their site reviews.

The lines for press conferences are all over the Mandalay Bay.

Later that night there was an industry awards dinner event.

One of the award winners.

Wait til you see what Walk off the Earth does with this one guitar.
Happy Samsung execs - as they should be - the

The real view outside my hotel window - how was my cell reception??

Waking up early the first few days makes it easy to shoot sunrise.
The Fujifilm booth before the crowds arrive.
The new Instax Mini 8 will be a big hit!  Five colors and the new rainbow film!

Some images of the booth to see all the products on display.

One of the fabulous Fujinon lenses which have a large market share in broadcast optics.  This 88x zoom is approximately $150,000.

Samsung's booth was about a city block.  Really impossible to describe unless you see it live.  Their products are impressive.

Once the doors open the reviewers flood over to get a look at the new X100s.

Noella helped out at the booth by having someone to shoot other than a company rep in a black shirt!

Samsungs shifting TV display.

Endless gadgets at CES.

Fujifilm wins an award from TechRadar
Fro Knows Photo stops by for some of the latest info.
Fro and Jessica.

This guy gets in a bunch of photos somehow.

Some FABulous folks stopped by the booth to check out the Instax.
Fujifilm wins another award. give X-Pro1 the camera of the year!

I'm not posting a lot of the provocative women walking around the show - but they are all over CES and Vegas.
3D was abound!

This guy kept trying to balance a bottle on his head.
These guys have it even worse than I can imagine with the time zone changes!

 MONSTER put together quite the big event with celebrities and a private performance by Alicia Keys. 

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  1. Thank you for your CES impressions. Looks like it was fun.

    And Fuji once again introduced some interesting cameras :)

    Can't wait for the X-Pro 1s or X-Pro 2 with the new AF ;)


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