Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Email - 1-25-13 - Lessons from Gum

This week I experienced a little bit of both ends of life.
I started the week off at a funeral and they always make me reflect on life.  As sad as they are they are also a reminder that life is short and there's no better time than the present to take action on dreams and goals.

Then a few days later I was in the subway and I noticed a salad on the floor - clearly someone's meal didn't end up where it should have.  What struck me was what a little girl said to her mom as she walked by "mommy why is gum black on the ground and not in your mouth?".  That really hit me as a great question and helped me also realize how much we change as we grow up.  Carpe diem!

Fujfiilm X100s at ISO 2000 - F/2.0 @ 1/45th  (popped into Snapseed)

The roof shot was at ISO 1600.
The sunset shot was done with the advanced filter to just capture red.
This is midtown NYC at ISO 1600.

 One of the all time great photojournalists - David Burnett spoke at the B&H Photo Event Space this week and I gave him the last two packs of FP100C and FP3000B 4x5 instant films.  Can't wait to see what or where he shoots it!
The other guy in the pic is the fabulous Mel Digiacomo - photographer extraordinaire.

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