Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Satan Ceramics Opening in NYC on Freeman Alley

Sunday evening in NYC in a small alley on the lower east side dozens of people gathered to see the latest show of art pieces from several notable artists.  It's hard to tell if folks come for the art or the people watching.  I'm clearly a mix of the two since I'm shooting pics of both for fun.  I used my X-T1 and 23mm set to ISO 1600-2000.  I decided to shoot in B&W and used the normal jpegs for these images and then flipped back to the RAW for the occasional color splash.

Notable artists at the show are

Mary Frey, Pat McCarthy, JJ PEET, Tom Sachs

Folks enjoyed some of the eclectic art at the show.


 The gallery event spilled out into the small alley where the gallery is located.  Most people even familiar with the lower east side have probably not hung out in an alley on a Sunday night - but this night it was packed.


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