Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Fujifilm X30 Camera is an Exciting One!

There is a new camera to share with you.  Wait until you see and feel the camera and review the specs!  The new X30 is a responsive camera in all the right places.  No lag in shooting or using the menus.  It is amazingly customizable in multiple configurations.   The crisp font is really a joy to behold.  The new menus are familiar and informative I am confident you will agree.  Go check one out at a local dealer.

You now use the X100S battery - NP95 - instead of the NP50 so shooters will have that extra battery life all desire.  

The X30 has shipped in the USA.  MSRP $599.95.

X30 Key Features:

o    New EVF Real Time Viewfinder with newly-designed GUI and vertical screen mode

o    100% Coverage with 25 degree, 2,360K dot, 0.65x magnification

o    Live View with ‘Preview Pic Effect’

·       Frame-rate: 55fps @1.6EV and Display time-lag:0.005 sec.

·       NEW ‘Classic Chrome’ Film Simulation mode

·       NEW Energy-saving Battery design capable of shooting 470 photos

·       NEW Super fast 1/32,000 shutter speed

       NEW  Charging via USB from computer or AC.

·       NEW 6 Customizable Function Buttons

·       NEW Customizable Control Ring for manual focus, aperture and shutter control, and function selections

·       NEW Movie settings for Full HD at 60fps, 50fps, 30fps, 25fps, and 24fps; shutter speed, ISO and manual control; High Speed Movie with Slow Motion Playback

·       NEW WiFi with Remote Shooting and direct print setting to Instax Share printer

·       NEW 3” tilting, 920k dot LCD

·       Fast Hybrid AF Phase Detection 0.06 sec

·       Start-up time of 0.5 sec, shutter time lag of 0.01 sec, shooting interval of 0.3 sec

·       High speed Continuous shooting of 12 fps

·       Exposure Compensation ±3 stops

·       Customizable settings with Q button

·       FUJINON F2.0-F2.8 28-112mm, 4X manual barrel zoom lens with HT-EBC and 1cm Super Macro mode

Some of the new items are highlighted here in my LCD screen shots.
First shown is the new LCD - this bright crisp LCD has the ability to fully cover the 16:9 spread as well as the other standard formats of 4:3, 3:2 and 1:1.
 This compact shooter includes a wonderful intervalometer similar to the one in the X-T1.  Easy to use.
 We responded to customer demand and you now have the ability to lock spot metering to the focus point.  A real nice feature!
 The new control ring already on the XQ1 is now included in the X30 and is easy to program for many camera functions.  I usually find myself leaving it on ISO.
 The X30 can also transfer image files to our Instax Share Printer so you can easily share images with friends and people around the world when you travel.  The Instax Share is a great companion.

  The camera works with almost every one of the X10/X20 accessories so I've moved my hood filter set and soft release to the X30.  My film lever thumbs up does fit but will interfere with the eye sensor.  I find myself using the camera with the viewfinder about 80% of the time so I may put it on for many shooting situations.

 I think a great accessory for the X30 is the new grip belt.  This handheld strap makes it easy to walk around with the camera and quickly bring it to your eye.

  Other accessories can be seen here -
So I took a quick walk around in the slight drizzle and shot some auto-bracketing series in film simulation mode.  The shots are all Astia, Velvia and Classic Chrome.  This allowed me to begin to learn what the main differences are with the new chrome mode making its debut today.  Notice the primary color shifts - especially from Velvia to Classic.

 Single shot here from above.
 This was a quick break from outdoors and I shifted from ISO 200-320 up to ISO 2500.

 Back to normal outdoor shooting ISO.

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  1. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Love the classic look of the X30 and looking forward to test drive one.
    Thank you. HK


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