Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shooting the World Trade Center Twin Beams

Last week as I drove home I decided to pop by the Brooklyn East River shore and shoot the skyline with the light beams for 9-11.  Of course it just happened to be 9-11-14 so I wasn't the only one with that idea.  Here are some snaps from the evening.
  Here you can see the crowds around the shoreline shooting.  I would guess there were about 200 people taking photos with all sorts of gear!
 I popped on the XF10-24 lens for an ultra-wide view of the sky.  A crisp clear night with the beams disappearing into space.  Most of the other shots were done with my X-T1 and the XF56mm.

 I decided to play around with a double exposure - one in focus and one out of focus led to this effect.
 Ok this is where it got interesting.  As I walked back to my car I saw this great scene popping through the fence so I shot a few frames.  Something caught my eye and I was bothered by the light flare happening all over the frame!  Note the center spots and the upper right flare.  This is not something I am willing to endure.  So I took a look at my lens and immediately took off my B&W filter and all was clear!  Wow!

 I love this shot of some tourists who thought the whole park was closed and tried to get a shot through a tear in the tarp.  I shared the location around the corner and off they went.
PS- Thanks for reading down this far.  Yes I dropped the full moon in the top shot.  It is impossible to see the moon rise from Brooklyn looking west towards NYC.  So I took some liberty....

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