Friday, April 22, 2011

Concert Recording with Playbook Tablet

I'm used to being at concerts where I see all the cell phones up recording.  This week I saw someone who got the Blackberry Playbook the first day of release making a recording of Train in the crowd.  Do you think it sticks out a bit?

FinePix X100 ISO 800 - 1/250th @ F/2.8


  1. The mobile phone is the new lighter at concerts. Neither is/was cool.

  2. That's just stupid. If I was the guy in back of him we would have a conversation.

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    That guy should go kill himself for paying to see Train.

  4. Well, his music is authentic and pure original.

  5. Hi there, I used your photos for a blog post (well, more a rant) that I wrote about the use of smartphones/tablets at concerts. I hope this is ok. Of course I linked your website and put your name underneath, hope that is ok for you.
    You can find the post here:


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