Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shoot 'Em and Print 'Em ! 40% off Prints Until May 4th

I am a BIG fan of making prints from my digital files.  I think too many people have fallen out of the habit of sharing photos in print format.  I can see the joy a print brings someone when you give it to them.  I can assure you it's a better feeling than sending an email.  And you know in the short term they may post it to the fridge or put it in a frame.  It lives on.  My confession is that I print about 50-300 prints a month and have access to a Frontier 570 lab.
So with that in mind, a shameless plug and offer.  I'm passing on my Friends and Family 40% discount from  If this proves to be something folks want I'll share more offers.  I figure I get these for all sorts of clothing stores - so here's my chance to give back.  If you don't like the deal - that's ok.  Grab the code from the link or the photo below ( prints-36 ) and use it at checkout.  Expires May 4th.
Some price examples with this discount are:
8x10 - $2.09
12x18 - $5.99
16x20 - $9.59
20x30 - $11.99

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