Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Sunset and Firmware 1.01

The X100 is proving to be a great camera I never want to leave home without.  It's so light, yet capable and is a conversation piece everywhere I go.  As the camera matures in the market, firmware upgrades will be released to improve some of the functions folks are commenting on.  The first release, which will be a minor one, is set for Thursday the 21st.  As we ramp up with the camera and it ships to the USA dealers next week I am confident we will see more upgrades to improve the excellent photographic experience.
This image from last night was shot at F/11 @ 3.2 seconds ISO 200 in Velvia film simulation.  The odd line across the water in foreground is a duck.

Follow Up: Thank you for all the constructive comments.  I can assure you they will be shared with the right folks as Fujifilm NAC (USA).  This firmware change will be very minor (.01).  It is just a tweak as things are evaluated and changes are made based on worldwide feedback.  I am sure we all know some things are possible and others more challenging.  Thank you for the detailed list and other comments to pass on.  Now is the time for a bit of patience as all things cannot be immediately addressed.  I'm happy to see the effort made in respect to this firmware and I am sure many more will follow.
The cameras should be at USA dealers to ship to their customers on or about the 27th.

Follow up #2 - Just a quick note to those who have the camera, and those who get the camera then update the firmware tomorrow, you must follow the directions and heed this warning:
If the camera is turned off during upgrade period, the camera will be completely broken and cannot be recovered.  Make sure you charge the battery beforehand.


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM

    What was fixed in ver. 1.01?

  2. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Yes.... I'd like to know as well what was addressed/fixed. Please enlighten us.

  3. Anonymous6:32 PM

    When is the projected ETA to stores next week?

  4. Anonymous6:32 PM

    This is an important moment for Fuji. This is a moment where they really need to listen to the users and work on some some enhancements that can help the user experience. If they don't do this an X200 etc. won't be met with the same enthusiasm.

  5. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Here is my compilation and take on bugs and enhancements. Maybe you can pass these on to Fuji:

    My definition of each of these classifications is as follows:
    A. BUGS - Bugs are errors in execution of the design where the function does not perform in accordance with the description/specification of the user's manual
    B. POSSIBLE BUGS - Errors in execution of the design more generally attributable to poor design decisions but where the user manual fails to provide adequate information
    C. NEEDED IMPROVEMENTS- A subjective but educated assessment of design flaws that reduce or negatively impact the camera's usability ad could be fixed in firmware

    The information is this list comes from a variety of sources/users and my own thoughts.

    1. Page 23. Program shift does not work at all, much less as described
    2. OVF auto focus visual confirmation does not work in manual mode when using the AEL button
    3. ISO settings are not global and the manual fails to describe how it actually operates (change it to global)
    4. The way DR works in JPGs is not properly described in the manual and the fact that the DR is limited by the ISO selected
    5. In JPG, film emulation modes, Provia and Astia are reversed, that is when Provia is selected one actually gets Astia performance and visa versa
    6. The auto flash selection on appears in Program mode but the manual does not disclose this fact
    7. Errors in the artificial horizon and frame lines resulting in tilted exposures, also pin cushion errors in the frame lines
    8. The user manual states that the focus box size is user selectable; however, it fails to mention that it cannot be changed when using the OVF and it fails to display the size set in the OVF (if it in fact changed it, speculation is that it is not changeable in OVF user mode) though when looking at the LCD it appears to do so (this ties into "c." below
    9. When focus box is set to a different size, it reverts back to the camera default on playback or image review. The user should be able to select a desired size and it should be left there until the user changes it. The manual fails to disclose this behavior.
    10. When ISO is set to FN button, EVF and OVF operation to change ISO via the COMMAND CONTROL and the CONTROL DIAl do not work the same in each viewing mode, in EVF mode the COMMAND CONTROL does nothing.

    ------------------Could be classified as bugs -----------------------------
    a. Not holding the aperture to the desired value when in manual focus making manual focus extremely difficult
    b. Not leaving frame lines set to last focus distance
    c. Failing to discuss and disclose the issues with focus parallax and how the camera handles it or better yet providing a better visible solution
    d. Make Auto Review selectable between VF, VF & LCD and LCD only

  6. Ok here's my idea:

    The Fuji TX-100. Digital panoramic camera that takes the old TX mount! Just use two APS sensors and the existing lenses should have enough coverage to keep them in the optimum light path.

    Could be cool, just saying!


    I'm super excited for my X100 to show up. NYC is ripe ground for Fuji street photography.

  7. Hi Brandon. Great work on this blog! I just wanted to mention that it seems the biggest frustration reported with this camera so far is that it takes 9 or so turns of the focus ring to go from infinity to close-up when manually focusing. Could you pass on to the Fuji team that perhaps this is a setting that users would very much appreciate having control over -- the focus ring sensitivity, I mean. Perhaps some like fine-tuned MF and others don't? I bet I'll have the same complaint once my camera comes -- 9 turns is too many!

  8. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Since it not so often suggested, my idea for improving the usability of manual focus:

    When MF is selected AND the release button is pressed half way, the photographer can turn the focus wheel left or right and the camara will start to move focus in one or the other direction. The speed the focus is changed would depend on how much the focus ring is rotated. When it is rotated back, the camera will stop changing the focus. (This works a bit like auto scroll in a web browser using the middle mouse button)

    This behavior would be very nice in video mode and in general solve the problem that the hand at the focus ring obstructs the view finder.

    In Automatic AF Mode (AFC) I would like
    a) move the focus to left/middle/right position
    b) use face recognition (the camera has it already build it - it is hidden in the image browser)

    I hope this can be made. More important is the problem with AUTO ISO burried in "Setup" and no second FN button. Also MACRO and ND should be toggles, not on/off menues.

    Regards, Julian

  9. Hah, Brandon you seem to have opened the floodgates for user recommendations to come pouring in...

  10. "Also MACRO and ND should be toggles"

    Apparently, if you click twice on the left-hand button on the wheel, you are in marco mode, click twice again and you are back to regular mode. Not quite a toggle, but close.

  11. a) Please make the BKT use
    1/2 - 1 - 2 EV
    Otherwise it is not usable for HDR

    b) The self time setting only works for one image. It would be better to have it working until switched off. At least the 2sec mode.


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