Friday, April 08, 2011

Fujifilm FinePix X100 SD Card Speeds

There is going to be a lot of talk about the "speed" of the X100 while writing to the SD card.  The camera allows you to keep shooting while it writes to the card - but the menu functions and any adjustments are frozen until the image is done writing to the SD card.  So with that in mind photographers may want to take a look at what speed their SD card is rated at.  I just did a quick test with my camera while recording RAW+JPEG Fine and the speed was at least 25% faster with the Class 6 over Class 2.  I found this chart online so I assume it's close to accurate and of course a decent overview.  I had to break out my loupe to see the class markings on some of the cards!
  • Class 0 cards do not specify performance, which includes all legacy cards prior to class specifications.
  • Class 2, 2 MB/s, slowest for SDHC cards.
  • Class 4, 4 MB/s.
  • Class 6, 6 MB/s.
  • Class 10, 10 MB/s.


  1. I bought SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB 45MB/s (don't know what Class that is; I found number 1 on it :D). Does anybody used that fast cards on X100?

  2. I just found this:

    well.. one RAW in 2.7sec

  3. I recommend a UHS-I card; I found class 10 cards too slow when using RAW with the X100.

    This discussion on Flickr describes the write times associated with each card type:

    I love the work you have done on this blog; I follow on Google Reader.

  4. @WeeD

    That was a blog post about my discussion on Flickr; LOL the X100 world is very small.

  5. @lfe
    hehehe yes indeed :)

    I start to really like the X100 community (the real one, not the so many haters that thinks the camera will make photos for them )

  6. Soon there is a 95mb/s UHS-I from Delkin coming out. Will be interesting to see if X100 works with it, and what the time goes down to.


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